Interclub Team

SDSU’s Artificial Intelligence club and Mechatronics Club are collaborating to implement Artificial Intelligence software to Mechatronics Club’s Autonomous Submarines.

A yet unnamed InterClub team will be formed. We have openings in the team and the link to apply to the team is available below.

Some problems that will be tackled are :
-> Object Tracking
-> Depth Estimation
-> Stereo Vision
-> Path Planning
-> Sensor Fusion
-> Position Estimation
-> Stability

The team consists of two “layers” of individuals. There will be a core team of individuals who will decide which problem to tackle, when the team will meet, the name of the team and much more. All interested individuals are encouraged to apply for the core team. The second layer is the volunteer team, these are for individuals who do not have much time but are interested in the project. The volunteer team will help to implement parts of the larger problem. They will be guided by the Core team.